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There are currently a variety products on the market to provide shade for
events. These products include canopies, tents and umbrellas. But these are usually bulky, difficult to assemble, and nearly impossible to secure properly against high winds. Many require stakes and tie downs, which are not possible when setting up in a parking lot or on pavement, for tailgating and sporting events. The DLD Tailgate Shade™ is unlike any other because of its versatility and adjustable settings, making it the most adaptable product of its kind.


The lightweight metal frame and water resistant fabric block harmful UV rays, keeping your friends and family comfortable, even in direct sunlight. The steel frame secures to a 2" receiver hitch on any vehicle for tailgating, hunting, fishing, working, and nearly any other application.


We are also working on optional accessories that will allow the shade to be used on boats, corral fencing, picnic tables, and almost anywhere else! Its patented design means that the DLD Tailgate Shade™ is truly in a class by itself.

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A great idea turned into a family business venture.

DLD Shade Solutions is a family-operated company based out of Central Kansas that was founded on the heels of a great idea. We were tired of the hot Kansas summers getting in the way of our family fun so we came up with an ingenious idea for providing shade in a number of settings with just one shade unit. We know this product works, because we use it nearly every weekend at rodeos, tailgating events, our kids ball games, church picnics... you name it! Our friends and family will tell you that our spot is always the best spot because we bring the shade with us.

In 2012, we started this company from our shed, experimenting and improving the product as we made these shade units for friends and family. As the demand grew, we continued to simplify the engineering to produce a better product that everyone can enjoy with ease. Our products now hold two US patents for their unique adaptable design that can mount just about anywhere. 

In addition to offering standard shade kits, we can also customize the material to match the color of your favorite sports team or your company's brand. We are proud to make these products in Kansas, in the heart of the United States. If there is anything we can do to better serve you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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